Potency Myths

Male intimate sphere is an area around which huge number of myths are created. And, this is despite fact, that today physicians know almost everything about how to preserve and increase man-made power given by nature. Fact is that, faced with problems, representatives of stronger sex are in no hurry to go to doctors, and, armed with various tips, they try to get medical treatment on their own.

Erectile dysfunction treatment in medicine is called problems with potency – case, that requires individual approach and qualified diagnosis. There are many ways to treat it, but most incorrect one is self-medication based on advice from Internet or taking widely advertised drugs.

For men, sexual health is synonymous with physical health, because there is no one without other.

First “bells” of future health problems manifest themselves in intimate sphere, since it is most important indicator of body well-being. Every fifth man at age of 20–30 years, every third at age of up to 40 and almost every second after 50 faces problems of erectile dysfunction.

That is why it is important at first manifestations of violations in intimate sphere to consult doctor in order to identify root cause and to be able to maintain fullness of intimate life to ripe old age. In time to go to doctor for representatives of stronger sex usually interfere with all sorts of myths that have developed around problems with impotence. Men perceive what happened as sentence.

Myth one

Among most common misconceptions is myth, that potency needs to be “trained”: the more often you have sex, the longer you wouldn`t be touched by male problems. In practice, this misconception turns into promiscuous sex life, family problems, body depletion.

Experts say, that it isn`t frequency of sexual acts, that is important, but their regularity. And here, if we continue sports comparisons, one who, overcoming himself, rushes to Olympic summits, leaves distance much earlier than one, who has been measured and happy to do “physical education” all his life.

Myth second

Second myth is that, if you lead healthy lifestyle, then there will be no potency problems. In fairness it must be admitted that this statement isn`t without sense, but we shouldn`t forget, that cause of impotence can also be stress, excessive psychological stress, reproductive system diseases.

Therefore, even in general, healthy people often need doctor`s help.

Myth third

Third most common myth is associated with statement, that there is certain supply of sperm, and when it is exhausted, potency wouldn`t return. They even call specific figures of ejaculations that man is capable of, and offer to keep accurate records, trying to evenly distribute resource allotted by nature for life. In fact, this myth has nothing to do with reality!

Sperm production depends on level of male hormones and is permanent process, so doing calculations is simply silly.

Over past decades, medicine hasn`t only established true and indirect causes of erectile dysfunction, but also found simple and effective means of combating it. Modern technologies allow for complete examination in just one hour – these are completely painless and simple procedures.

We can safely say, that in 80 percent of cases one of causes of impotence is vascular pathology, causing disruption in blood supply and microcirculation in genitals. It is enough just to provide normal blood flow and restore subtle mechanism of erection, and after couple of weeks, man returns to life in which high-quality sex again takes worthy place.

Since circulatory disorders not only lead to failure in subtle mechanism of erection, but can also be harbingers of even more serious diseases of cardiovascular system, doctor must necessarily appear, and sooner this is done, more chances for successful and timely detection of dangerous diseases.