Do you purchase sufficient Cholecalciferol?

New investigation on ED factors

Keep calm and be ready to know some news about erectile health. You may be surprised, but decreased interest and erectile dysfunction might be completely unrelated issues. The underlying reasons for impotence come from different health problems. So, purchase Viagra on internet at website, while you are skimming through this text and learn something new about the sexual vigor.

New investigation on ED factors

According to accurate and authoritative information, given by, the deficiency of sunshine vitamin may cause erectile dysfunction. Researchers investigated more than 3,400 males over the age of 20. The findings made out of the survey demonstrate, that the lack of Vitamin D leads to unpleasant consequences. Third part of participants had a deficiency of Cholecalciferol (less than 20 nanograms per milliliter of blood). Almost half of these examinees suffer from loss of sexual vigor and erectile dysfunction.

The Vitamin D level luckily is simple to control. Of course, you need to change a lifestyle. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, tanning and enriching the meal with special supplements, you will significantly increase the quality of life.

The list of reasons for erectile dysfunction is huge. It may be caused by drinking too much alcohol, smoking or taking certain medications. Some diseases (e.g. diabetes) can trigger ED as well. One more factor found by researchers will be investigated in future prospective, in order to find out what is a specific connection between Cholecalciferol deficiency and erectile dysfunction. Will it be possible to reduce the risk for ED by taking vitamin D? This is an interesting question. Probably, it works only as a preventive measure, but it is possible that sustaining the sufficiency of this vitamin may restore erectile health.

Anyway, let’s remember about ready-to-use remedies, which are traditionally used in ED therapy. One of the most effective is Cialis daily. Of course, it is also much more expensive than cholecalciferol, but certainly gives results.

Some more news about vitamin D

Possibly, you know that deficiency of vitamin D leads to the difficulties with the calcium absorption. This chemical is recessive for developing our osseous system. And moreover, it provides the communication between cells of our brain. When the Cholecalciferol level in male body is not enough, it ends with a muscle loss, high blood pressure and reducing immune system activity. Some neurological diseases, diabetes and erectile dysfunction also come from this reason.

Male organism produces Vitamin D itself from different available elements, in a sufficient quantity for proper functioning of all body systems. This process is forced by natural sunlight, even middle or weak one. So, in theory you may just spend more time catching tan and there it is – a solution. However, usually we take special supplements. And even this is not enough. Cholecalciferol level is naturally decreasing with aging and weight gain. This is one of the reasons why men should reduce their fat level. Also the production of Vitamin D is critically decreasing, when we use SPF cream, even with the lowest SPF-factor. As for nutrients from food, Vitamin D is quite rare ingredient. We may find it in mushrooms, eggs, fish and liver (especially cod). Though, that quantity is not sufficient. It comes with such a small amount, that it is not worth to take it into consideration. To purchase enough Vitamin D we still need to take sufficient amount of sunshine.

Cholecalciferol participates in calcium homeostasis, provides healthy state for our bones, improves immune responses and in many other aspects is vital for our body. Vitamin D obviously has a great impact on our reproductive health. The loss of Cholecalciferol may lead to the erectile dysfunction and decreasing sexual vigor.

Taking supplements with Vitamin D, remember, that they may have side effects. Everyday acceptance, especially in high doses, can be toxic because of hypercalcemia. This state comes with such symptoms as weakness, thirst, loss of appetite and others. Kidneys, lungs, vessels and heart are under special risk.

Rules of good sex. How to adjust sexual life in mature age?

Storms of youth have passed, and now you feel that you need less sex. Many are worried about this, considering sign of impending old age. But can this be normal?

High level of sex hormones at young age spurs us on sexual exploits. We are still exploring our own sexuality, and strive to learn more. Violent sexual life regulates hormonal activity, and this relationship provides vivid physiological and emotional experiences. Everything changes over time.

Women are distracted by children, men – to work, and less and less thoughts of sex arise. And now comes day when planned sex failed. What is it? Maybe age takes its toll, and you quietly grow old?

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Potency Myths

Male intimate sphere is an area around which huge number of myths are created. And, this is despite fact, that today physicians know almost everything about how to preserve and increase man-made power given by nature. Fact is that, faced with problems, representatives of stronger sex are in no hurry to go to doctors, and, armed with various tips, they try to get medical treatment on their own.

Erectile dysfunction treatment in medicine is called problems with potency – case, that requires individual approach and qualified diagnosis. There are many ways to treat it, but most incorrect one is self-medication based on advice from Internet or taking widely advertised drugs.

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Cryptorchidism and Male infertility: what must you know about it?

Cryptorchidism is congenital abnormality of men genitourinary system, which can manifest the undescended testicle into the scrotum. There are two forms of such disease – true and false. The first is when the testis is move to the scrotum by the hand. But the second is when it is fixed under the skin or in the abdominal cavity.

The reasons for cryptorchidism

The most frequent case of such disease is congenital chromosomal abnormality. It can develop on the background of one or another infection. The risky period to get such a disease is the pregnancy period. A group of disease can cause congenital cryptorchidism and it can include such diseases, as toxoplasmosis, influenza and rubella.

In addition, cryptorchidism can develop as the result of chemical substances exposure or on the fetus of pregnancy. The last can act as detergents, chemical dyes, oil products or others types of the medicines. If we talk about such illness, we must say, that it is considered to be the most dangerous, if a person will take Aspirin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and other similar medications.

Cryptorchidism treatment

The treatment can be surgical or conservative. The surgical correction of pathology can be applied during the first two years of life. In such case the testis wouldn’t drop into the scrotum.

The same tactics is used to solve the surgical intervention. If the body doesn’t change or it has the wrong place, doctor will make an operation, in which he will fix the skin of the thigh. If during surgery there will be any morphological change, there will be a need to remove the testicle.

As the practice shows, the best results of treatment can be observed in the case of orchiopexy. In this situation, there wouldn’t be any problem with infertility. Besides, it will help to prevent testicle torsion and the child will have not so huge psychological trauma.

Male infertility

Male infertility is the absence of ability to fertilization. Today such problem is rather popular among the man at different ages. To know, if you have such a disease, you must visit doctor and pass the analysis. What must you expect, if the results will be positive? Is there any method to treat such a disease? To know everything about this, you must read the next information.

Causes of infertility

It is necessary to pass clinical-laboratory examination, that will help to find the disease and its causes. They can be different:

  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • Infection in genitals.
  • Varicocele and idiopathic oligozoospermia.
  • Idiopathic teratozoospermia and isolated pathology of the seminal fluid.
  • Iatrogenic factor and the state of immune system.
  • Congenital abnormalities of the genital organs.
  • Endocrine causes.
  • Acquired pathology of the genital organs.
  • Idiopathic azoospermia and obstructive azoospermia.
  • Genetics.

The peculiarities of treatment

Every therapy begins from the organization of therapeutic measures and occupational exposures. First of all, men must pay attention to his life style. He must sleep at least 6 hours every day and eat healthy meals. To talk about alcohol and cigarettes, we must say, that they are prohibited, because they can influence on a fertility.

Don’t forget about the sport. It is necessary to do the exercises at least 3 times a week. They will help you to be in a good shape and to improve your men health.

And, of course, the help of professional doctor will be very valuable. He will introduce you the best medications, which will help you to make a big family without any problems. Just be attentive to your health and you will be very surprised, when you see the results.

Innovative pill may help in treatment of premature ejaculation

Innovative pill may help in treatment of premature ejaculationInnovative pill may help in treatment of premature ejaculation

If your issue is an early ejaculation, this amazing pill may present you so much desired enlarged period of time before an unsolicited scorch.

You know this situation: you ejaculate too early, you are depressed and she isn’t satisfied. The relationship may suffer greatly because of this. But to ease your penis’ fortune you may just take a pill. A recent British investigation has proven that a pill of tramadol taken daily or just when it’s extremely needed will help you to prolong time of your sex intercourse.

(You can also consult How to Pleasure a Woman, the unique sex guide prepared by the Men’s Health publishers, that contains detailed instructions of satisfying a female and also some natural methods to be better in bed).

Comprehensive info about the investigation

On having made eight studies, considering that each one was done separately, the researchers made a conclusion that men who took in an opioid pain reliever, called tramadol, demonstrated steady improvements in the duration of their sexual intercourse in comparison with males who took placebo. The effectiveness of this drug was as high as the one got after taking in paroxetine, which is also commonly used to treat early ejaculation. But paroxetine is an antidepressant according to its initial nature. However, the effectiveness of tramadol was higher in comparison with other medications used to cure premature ejaculation (for instance, Viagra or gel with lidocaine as a main component).

Anyway, there’s a strong need to continue research to completely understand the mechanism of narcotic pain reliever and its effect on erection maintenance. One of the authors of the research Catherine Hood, having BA and Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery says that supposedly this drug influences brain receptors which in their turn change neurotransmitters and hold off the reflex of ejaculation.

These results are quite optimistic, but we have to interpret them carefully. According to the leading reviewer Marrissa Martyn St. James, who has PhD and Master of Science, some significant steps of the research weren’t introduced in detail, which may mean concealing of their treatment form.

Moreover, there are some questions regarding duration, dose and side effects that occur after taking in tramadol. Dr. Hood says that there are some doubts because there weren’t conducted any studies proving the safety of the drug and its efficiency regarding the treatment of premature ejaculation. She adds that at the moment there doesn’t exist any perfect medicine at all nowadays to cure the condition. It happens because every individual is different and the treatment choice depends on certain body respond, so to say, the treatment has to be done only individually.

What can we consider a premature ejaculation?

What can we consider a premature ejaculation?

It is curious that early ejaculation is the most widespread condition among the males in the age group from eighteen to fifty-nine. It’s hard to reveal that diagnosis, but the study introduced to the public by Sexual Medicine in 2014 brings us some more clarifications about this issue.

You definitely experience the condition, if you ejaculate less than in a minute after the beginning of sexual intercourse or in case your sexual intercourses have reduced until couple minutes or so. It is also time to stop and think about your sexual health if you show inability to hold off your ejaculation and these issues cause negative feelings such as anxiety, steady frustration and depression and therefore lead to libido loss.

(This is one of the issues many guys ignore and you can see how to correct it and to make your sex life better).

What measures do you have to take when experiencing the condition?

This condition is rather widespread but you shouldn’t consider it to be the end of your sexual life. It’s better to work out an effective solution which will return you to a great “shape” as soon as it is possible.

According to the recommendations of Dr. Hood, it will be good to consult your urologist, have an overall check-up to reveal what stands behind your premature ejaculation. You may just be exaggerating the problem but at the same time your reproductive organ may mean having serious biological disorder.

If you decide to test tramadol on your body, make sure your doctor is aware of your intentions and he will speak to you about probable side effects, such as headaches, giddiness and nausea. After considering everything, decide if this option suits you or not. There is one more thing to think about: if you and your doctor agree on your taking tramadol, know that he’ll prescribe it off-label, because this medicine isn’t used officially to treat such condition.

It sounds terrifying, but everything here is legal and this practice is often used by many doctors. But certainly it lacks scientific thorough investigation, bit in this case the doctor-patient interaction is even more significant (If you need help finding a good physician for yourself, here’s the way To Find the Doctor of Your Dreams).